Item must be returned within 30 days of date of purchase..
You must obtain a return authorization number from us FIRST.
Item must be the same one we sent you and in the same NEW condition.
Shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable.
All cash refunds are subject to a $10.00 restocking fee.

Refunds will only be issued upon prior approval. DO NOT just sent your item back asking for a refund. It will not be returned and you will not receive a refund. YOU MUST obtain a return authorization number from us first!  ALL returns for refunds will be subject to a $10.00 restocking charge. Shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable.  Your item must be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date.   NO REFUNDS after that and NO exceptions!

You must send the item back to us (at your expense) and we MUST actually receive it. If it is "lost" in the mail, it is your loss, not ours. You MUST send the same item back to us that we shipped out (our remotes are secretly marked - we know our own products) and it MUST be in the same condition it was sent.  If you try to send us a different one, or one that is obviously used or damaged in some way (including any pry marks from attempts to pry it open), NO REFUND will be issued.

Please make sure your vehicle has the factory remote keyless entry system on it BEFORE you purchase. And please make sure you purchase the correct one for your vehicle.

We don't send these out just so you can "try it and see if it works or not". We don't do this for fun. And we don't make that much money on these in the first place. Far too many of you have been sending items back, asking for a refund, because you found out that your car does not have the factory keyless entry system, or that you have an aftermarket system, or there is something wrong with that system, or even ordering the wrong remote on purpose, because it is cheaper than the correct one and "it looks the same" or some other such lame excuse (like "I found my remote in a drawer", or "I sold the car and don't need it", etc. So, from now on, ALL returns for refunds will be subject to the above terms and conditions and the $10.00 restocking charge.

We apologize if we sound harsh.  Fraud (on the part of  so-called 'customers') is the biggest problem in on-line retailing today.  There are all sorts of scams and scammers out there who try to rip honest people like us off every day.  You'd be surprised how many people try to send us back their OLD remote, for example, demanding a refund! Or claim they never received it, when we have proof that it was delivered.  And a hundred other ways.

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